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Since day one, the main goal of Durgin and Crowell has been to invest in great people, equipment and technology. This has paid off. Not only has that innovative vision helped the company to grow in size from 6 employees to close to 100, but it has earned Durgin and Crowell a reputation of being one of the top Eastern White Pine lumber producers in the Northeast. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable and hard working. Get to know them for yourself…



Our Sawmill Crew


Our Kiln & Yard Crew


Our Planer Mill & Distribution Center


Our Maintenance Crew


Peter Crowell
Owner, CEO/President
19 years
Favorite Color: Blue


What do you do when you are not working? Peter loves spending time with his wife Tracy and their three children PJ, Hunter, and Piper. He and Tracy raise Wagyu and Highland cattle on their farm. Peter coaches baseball in the spring. Any extra time he has he enjoys to spend with his family.

Special Talents: Peter is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting and fishing with his family.


Ben Crowell
Owner, Vice President
16 years
Favorite Color: Green


What do you do when you are not working? Ben loves spending time on Lake Sunapee with his family. He likes paddle-boarding with Corbin (4) and Hadley (2) and cannot wait until Tanner (4 months) can come out with them. He also enjoys date-night dinners with his wife Abby.

Special Talents: He says he is the jack-of-all trades, master of none. We think he is a pretty good wood worker (you should see some of the bowls he has made!).


B Manning
Officer of Durgin and Crowell, Sales 
43 years
Favorite Color: B’s favorite color is brown because that is what his oldest granddaughter assigned him (he was the last one to the party that day).


What do you do when you are not working? As you might guess, when B is not working here at the mill, he enjoys spending time with his young granddaughters Tucker and Adalyn at the lake.

Special Talents: Yes, he has some.


Alex Darrah
Sales Manager
7 years


Chris LaCourse
Sales Associate
3 years


Doug Curtis
5 years


Malcolm Milne
Compliance Administrator
12 years


Pat Kocher
Front Office
27 years


J Geffken
HR Manager, Payroll
22 years


Emily LeFlem
Chief Financial Officer
1 year


Paul Simmons
10 years


Brooks Weathers
Log Yard Manager, Procurement Forester
21 years


Kevin Barry
Log Yard Buyer
40 years


Jody Barry
Sawmill Supervisor
21 years


Jim Henderson
Planer Mill Supervisor
25 years


Jon Baker
By-Product Sales
2 years


Bob Messer
Kiln Supervisor
43 years


Danny Ruggles
Maintenance Supervisor
41 years


Brian Larpenter
Quality Control
8 years


Sarah Welch
Marketing Coordinator



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