Our Forest

OUR Forest

This is where the process begins. A team of educated foresters & yard workers whose job it is to ensure consistent quality in all the pine that is purchased for our mill. Respect and appreciation for not only the forest, but the guy next to you is what this team takes pride in.

“Good Team Members learn something new from one another every day.”
Brooks Weathers, Forestry Division Supervisor
Log Procurement
Each year our Procurement Foresters purchase Eastern White Pine logs from over 150 log suppliers. Our suppliers consist of loggers, landowners and foresters, and range in size from arborists and family farmers to large logging companies with multiple crews.Our convenient location in Springfield, NH, consistent demand for fiber, and good working relationship with our log suppliers, help ensure that we’ll always have high-quality logs to feed our sawmill. Thanks to our production crews and sales staff, we’re able to turn those logs into finished lumber for sale to our customers.

Our products are shipped across the country, and the revenue derived from their sale goes back to the company, its employees, and the many local loggers and landowners who sell us logs. In more ways than one, Durgin and Crowell serves a critical role in the local economy.

As Program Participants in the SFI® fiber sourcing program, our foresters conduct regular site inspections of our log suppliers.

photobook: Our Forest – Enjoy the View.

We Are Pine Passionate

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