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We at Durgin and Crowell are pine passionate and are looking passionate people to join our team. Benefits with working here include access to a comprehensive health, dental, and vision plan, paid time off, paid holidays, 401k options, and employee discounts. For more information on the health insurance plan, click the link below. To view open positions, scroll down. We hope you consider joining our team!

Maintenance Mechanic

We are looking for a Maintenance Mechanic to join the team to keep the Planer Mill and Sawmill operating.  This is a full time (40 – 50 hour/week), evening position with a flexible start time. As Maintenance Mechanic, you will actively identify and participate in preventative maintenance activities to keep the mills running.

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Lead Fuel Handler

We are looking for full time Mechanic to work with our Pellet Mill Plant Supervisor third shift (9:30pm– 5:30am), Monday – Friday, with occasional Saturday mornings (6 hours), in the Pellet Mill at our facility in Springfield, NH. Candidates will assist in maintaining and fixing the Pellet Plant. Candidates will also load wood chips into the infeed system with a bucket loader and will operate an automated bagging system requiring the use of a forklift to handle pallets of product and to load and unload trucks.

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Pellet Mill Plant Operator

We are looking for a full time Pellet Mill Plant Operator Monday through Friday, at our facility in Springfield, NH. Duties include supervision of all employees on the shift and responsibility for the overall operation of the facility including production, safety, quality control, testing and record keeping.  The candidate will work mostly in the control room monitoring all plant systems but will also check, track and observe the performance of systems in other areas of the facility.

For more information or to apply click here.

Evening Planer Mill Cleanup

We are looking for a full time Night Planer Mill Cleanup Worker. Hours are flexible, but begin at 3:30pm or after once the mill shuts down for the evening. There are full time hours available, however, the option to hire multiple people to split the week is entertained. The candidate will clean up broken boards, sawdust, wood debris and trash around the facility so it is ready for startup each morning. This is a physical job that will require sweeping, shoveling, bending and lifting of wood scraps.

For more information or to apply click here.

Email completed applications to msaritelli@durginandcrowell.com


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