Nothing goes to waste.
As byproducts of the milling process, Durgin and Crowell generates approximately 32,000 tons of “green” (i.e. approximately 50% moisture content) mill chips per year, 12,000 tons/year of green sawdust, 10,000 tons/year bark, 12,000 tons/year “dry” (approximately 10% MC) shavings and 1,000 tons of dry, ground board ends.
Our mill chips are sold to paper mills to be used as pulp, yet the chips have been used for electric generation in past years. Most of our sawdust and all of our dry grindings are blended and burned in an on-site, 500 hp wood-fired boiler, which provides steam heat to our eighteen dry kilns (we also have two smaller boilers, one oil-fired and one propane/oil).

Our shavings are bagged in an automated bagging room and are sold to livestock owners, and our bark is ground in an on-site grinder, and later sold for mulch.

Commitment to the environment and to being a local source for employment has led Durgin and Crowell to be recognized as a good corporate citizen by area residents and by local governments.

photo book: Nothing goes to waste.

We Are Pine Passionate

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