Manufacturers of Eastern White Pine Lumber since 1976

About Us

As one of the largest producers of Eastern White Pine in New England, Durgin and Crowell is committed to its industry, paying mind to the time-honored practices and principles of the mill business, while continually looking for ways to innovate and improve. This commitment is exemplified by how the Company operates every facet of the mill, and by the fact that Durgin and Crowell is known for its honest business practices. Moreover, Durgin and Crowell's long-term vision motivates it to be a good steward of the land from which it sources the logs that enable it to produce the quality Eastern White Pine lumber it offers to its many satisfied customers across the nation.


Our Heritage:

Peter O. Crowell and Arthur Durgin founded Durgin and Crowell in 1976 with just six employees working a small rough green sawmill. Thankfully, some of those original employees are still here, and their experience in invaluable. At over 30 years of age, the Company may not be the oldest lumber mill in the business, but Durgin and Crowell takes great pride in being part of such a time-honored profession. Today, the company is owned and operated by Peter Crowell's sons, Peter B. and Ben Crowell.

There are many fewer sawmills operating in New Hampshire, and New England in general, than there were in 1976. As many mills have shut down, Durgin and Crowell has survived and grown, thanks to the combination of old-fashioned hard work and an awareness of the future. Since day one, the main goal of Durgin and Crowell has been to invest in great people, equipment and technology. And it has paid off. Not only has that innovative vision helped the Company to grow in size from 6 employees to close to 100, but it has earned Durgin and Crowell a reputation of being one of the top Eastern White Pine lumber producers in the Northeast. Today, Durgin and Crowell produces over 30 million board feet of Eastern White Pine lumber.

Never being one to rest on its laurels, Durgin and Crowell continues to make the types of investments necessary for it to provide high quality lumber to countless wholesalers located throughout the U.S.